The Lords and Barons

The Ultimate Destination for a Perfect Experience.

From the valet service and VIP entrance to the food service and private lounge, all guests get the highest hospitality from the service staff, whether you’re hitting the lounge or checking in to a public or private event. Get your drink from the heritage Brit vibe bars or enjoy a meal from our kitchen at our restaurant - this includes customized catering for events!

The backdrop of the venue takes you back to the old age days of British look and feel with wooden finish. A perfect hangout place for family and friends paired with Live music. The place provides sumptuous dining experience, splendid art of food plating and creative cocktails.

ATTIC provides private lounge experience as well for small parties and gatherings. Heart warming service staffs who makes you feel at home and want to come back to share your special days.

The Lounge hosted city live bands like Kanishk Arora, Ehsaas, The Bollywood Co. Aindrila, Shomedatta, Alisha, Jaashn, Rajat, Abhishek Mondal, Sudip Bera, Sampan, Lust Episode, Som and Mates and Yuvan something worth experiencing in Kolkata.

You are welcome to Chill with drinks and music as it has the perfect setup for it!

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